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What is Voice and how does it work?

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PersistIQ supports calling as one of the campaign steps, along with emails and tasks. We have built Voice to enable you to make and receive calls directly from inside of the PersistIQ platform, making your sales communication workflow more seamless.

With PersistIQ Voice users can:

  • make outbound calls

  • receive inbound calls

  • take call notes (synced to Salesforce)

  • view a history of all calls made

  • record and save calls

Users have the option of leveraging VOIP dialing for convenience, or bridge dialing for the highest call quality on any call they make or receive. 

Note: you can use call steps in your campaign without configuring Voice. In this case, you would make calls with your own phone or other dialer.

Configuring Voice

Setting up Voice is easy:

  • Go to "My Settings"

  • On the left menu bar, click on "Phone" 

  • Click on "Add Phone"

  • Chose Area Code and click on "Search"

  • Chose the number you like and click "Provision"

  • Click "Refresh"

  • Chose "Virtual Phone Number" or "Bridge Phone Number" under the "Make Calls Using" menu bar (Click here to learn more about VOIP vs Bridge)

  • Click "Save"

  • If you decide to go with Bridge, make sure that you have your number saved under the Bridge Phone Number

Step-by-step video:

Best Practices

Voice gives you the freedom to call your prospects right from PersistIQ:

  • Set up a campaign and add "Call" as a step

  • When the call step is due, click on "Make Calls" 

  • You can take notes while you speak or after the call. Notes you take will show under the notes section in PersistIQ and will also log as an activity in Salesforce if you have the Salesforce sync configured. 

  • Once you complete the call, click on "Complete"

  • Select the "Outcome" and Chose the "Next Step"

  • Click on the "Complete Call"

  • You can view notes under the "Call" tab inside your campaign

  • Click on "Call" tab, scroll down to the specific call and click on the note icon

Record Calls

You can easily record calls directly through the dialer and save the calls in PersistIQ. Call recording is only available through "VOIP" mode. 

  • Click on the record button to record your call.

  • Red indicates the call is being recorded. 

  • Gray means the recording has stopped.

You can access your recordings by clicking on your initials located on the bottom left of your portal and accessing "Calls"


Click Here to see the current pricing for Voice.

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