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Voice: VOIP vs Bridge

Should I chose VOIP or Bridge calling?

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PersistIQ makes it easy to call prospects right within the platform. You can choose to make calls using VOIP or Bridge. Lets take a look at both options to help you decide which one suits your organization best.


VOIP means "voice over IP". If you have ever used Skype, you have used a VOIP solution. When you use VOIP, you are calling via the browser, allowing you to plug your headphones directly into your computer.


  • Using the internet for calling is more economical than calling through bridge, because you get to reduce your use of traditional telephone lines. For more information on pricing, see our pricing page.

  • Users can plug their headphones or headset directly into the computer for calls. 

  • Users can leverage Voice functionality without a landline or cellphone signal. All you need is an internet connection.


  • Calling using the internet does require a good internet connection for good call quality. This includes both your connection speed and connection quality via your wireless router.


Bridge allows you to establish a connection through the standard telco lines. While this method is very high in audio quality, it is less economical than VOIP.


  • The call quality is what you would expect from a mobile phone or landline because this method leverages traditional telco "hard lines" and cell towers.

  • Users can use their headphones or headset that connects to their landline or mobile phone.

  • If users create a bridge dial to their mobile phone, they will be able to easily pace around the room, carrying just their mobile phone.


  • Higher costs due to required telephone service. For more information see our pricing page.

  • Bridge dialing does take longer to connect (to start the bridge) than a VOIP call because there is an additional connection to be made in initiating the call. 

How do I set up either option?

  • Go to "My Settings"

  • On the left menu bar, click on "Phone" 

  • Click on "Add Phone"

  • Chose Area Code and click on "Search"

  • Chose the number you like and click "Provision"

  • Click "Refresh"

  • Chose "Virtual Phone Number" or "Bridge Phone Number" under the "Make Calls Using" menu bar (Click here to learn more about VOIP vs Bridge)

  • Click "Save"

  • If you decide to go with Bridge, make sure that you have your number saved under the Bridge Phone Number as this will ensure that the calls are forwarded to the preferred bridge line. 

Step-by-step video:

Click here to take a look at the overview of Voice.

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