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Pricing Information for the PersistIQ Voice sales dialer

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Call rates per minute will vary based on where you are calling to, or calling from, and whether you choose VOIP or bridge (learn about the differences in this article). 

In order to leverage PersistIQ Voice dialing, users must select a phone number from the PersistIQ platform. This number allows users call via bridge or VOIP, and tracks both inbound and outbound calls.

Basics of Calling

  • Voice is available to users with the PersistIQ Pro subscription. 

  • We uses Twilio as our voice provider on the backend.

  • Voice pricing is based on Twilio pricing and passed through directly to you. PersistIQ does not mark up the rates.

  • Calls are charged per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute.

  • Usage is billed at the end of the month for the month's usage.

  • Phone numbers are billed separately from minutes used.

  • For an overview of the difference between VOIP and Bridge dialing, please visit this article.

  • For more information about Voice, please see the PersistIQ Voice Overview.

Voice Pricing

PersistIQ uses Twilio as our voice provider on the backend. We pass through the Twilio pricing directly to you without any markups. Twilio pricing is available here. https://www.twilio.com/voice/pricing
Minutes Cost

 The cost of a call revolves around a few variables, outlined here:

  • Calls are billed on minutes used, rounded up to whole minutes (not seconds).

  • Minutes are counted on connected calls, to an end recipient, or to their voicemail. Calls not connected, or hung up before answer will incur charges as well.

  • Costs depend on whether you are calling outbound, or receiving inbound, and where the call going outbound is going to.

When a phone call is initiated in click-to-call, there are two legs of a phone call taking place. Each leg of the call has a cost associated with it. If a user is starting a bridge and dialing multiple numbers, they will be charged less for the "open bridge" time, which is the time the user is not connected to an end caller. 

While costs can vary depending on multiple factors, on average users can anticipate approximately $0.015 per minute for outbound calls and $0.01 for inbound calls. 

These numbers are based on users with a US phone number with outbound calls going to the US and inbound calls coming from the US.

Phone Number Rates

To make calls through PersistIQ Voice, users need to select a phone number to dial out through for both bridge and VOIP calls. When an end recipient sees a call from you they will see this phone number that you have selected through PersistIQ. Users can select a phone number based on area code.

Reserving a phone number incurs a monthly flat cost per phone number, regardless of minutes used, and the cost will vary by origins of the country/area code.

United States - Local Area Code - $1 /month

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