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How can I see who opened my emails and when?

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Understanding how prospects are engaging with your emails is important to any proactive salesperson. PersistIQ can show you that.

Live feed shows activities such as clicks and opened emails. The activities are listed in a clean timeline format that is easy to understand. The feed is accessible in PersistIQ, Gmail, Salesforce, and nearly every website you visit.

Get insight into how prospects are engaging and quickly take action.
The activity feed is loaded with functionality such as:

  1. Tracking email opens and link clicks

  2. Opening in PersistIQ as a side bar

  3. A badge number showing the number of activities you haven't viewed yet

  4. Grouping activities that occur in quick succession to make viewing and understanding the data easier. 

  5. Clicking on the campaign name to view the specific campaign the email was sent from

  6. Clicking on the prospect's name to view the details for that person and their activity history

  7. Accessing the activity feed on any web page 

To read more about Live Feed check out our blog

Add the PersistIQ chrome extension to your browser to access the activity feed anywhere you go on the web.

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