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What separates all-star salespeople from the rest? Figuring it out has been the goal of many sales managers and coaches for decades, and while there is no simple answer to that, now you can get insights into what your all-stars do that helps them get more sales. 

PersistIQ's reporting page allows managers to see a complete breakdown of your entire team's performance. You can discover whose campaigns are performing the best, which messages have the highest reply rates, and much more. You can use these insights to train the rest of your team to improve their own campaigns and messages to help their performance. You can even duplicate successful campaigns and make minor adjustments to them to make them more personalized.

To access the reporting page simply click on the "Reporting" tab on the top of the landing page:

On the left side of the reporting page you will see different types of reporting options:

  1. Team Overview

  2. Report Card

  3. Campaigns

  4. Best Time To Send

  5. Response Time

Step-by-step directions:

Start discovering insights that can help your team succeed! 

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