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Best Practices for Writing Sales Emails
Best Practices for Writing Sales Emails
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We all hate it when a salesperson decides to spam our inbox with useless, boring, and repetitive emails because they just want to “follow-up” with us.

As frustrating those emails are, if done correctly and thoughtfully, drip email campaigns can be a powerful tool to engage cold leads and turn them into interested prospects.

We found that sending up to 7 carefully crafted and targeted follow-up emails can increase prospect reply rates from 30% to 55%. Of course, every industry and market is different.

Creating campaigns with these many follow-up steps, tailored to each customer segment, has never been easier with the automation workflow by PersistIQ. 

Our platform allows you to create custom campaigns for each individual market segmentation. You can use A/B testing to discover which messaging better resonates with prospects. Our reporting tool lets you discover which templates work the best throughout your entire organization, which can then be duplicated and re-used in new campaigns, and much more.

When creating new sales emails, try to avoid these seven mistakes if you want to increase your response rates to your follow-up emails instead of being marked as spam:

1. Don’t assume prospects saw your last email. 

PersistIQ has a built-in intelligent system that will show you if your email was viewed or opened. You can access this information from anywhere on the web through our Live Feed.

2. Stay focused.

Consider these 3 scenarios:

  • The prospect didn’t open your message and never read the body. This might mean that they resonate with your subject line and it’s time to rename your email. PersistIQ allows you to test several subject lines by using A/B testing.

  • The prospect opened your message but didn’t respond because they weren't interested. In that case, you might have talked about the topics that weren't that relevant to the potential customer. Don’t give up, make the follow-up email more intriguing by discussing what might be more relevant to their business outcomes.

  • The prospect opened your message but didn’t respond because they were busy. If they were really interested in what you had to say but didn’t respond your efforts are still being wasted. Here is where the follow-up emails become crucial.

3. Eliminate redundancy.

Every follow-up needs an interesting new angle that gives the prospect a reason to keep on reading and engaging with your company. With PersistIQ you can include gifs and pictures to make your emails stand out.

4. Don’t write a novel.

Keep your follow-up sales emails to 2-3 short paragraphs. Make sure you’re getting your point across clearly in those sentences so that the prospect isn’t confused. You can always bring up additional sales points in the follow-up emails.

5. Don’t forget about the Call to Action.

You need to have a clear ask and provide a good reason for the prospect to do what you’re asking. 

6. Don’t just follow-up once.

Persistence is the key: remember that about one-third of your responses might come from emails #5-8. 

You will never know which email has a better response rate until you try sending them. PersistIQ keeps track of all the metrics and shows you the % of the open rate per template and per campaign which gives you an opportunity to improve your workflow to get better results faster.

7. Time to say Goodbye.

Sending people too many emails will actually increase your chances of getting marked as spam, but sending only 2 emails is often not enough. If you see that your response rate is higher on step #6, you can move up that step to be sent earlier in the campaign. You can also increase the intervals between emails and re-write least engaging follow-up steps.

With PersistIQ you can create a lot more touch points than just email, you can add call steps via VOIP or Bridge, create tasks in between steps and adjust the sending window for your campaign. Our Reporting page helps you manage your team and your own workflow a lot easier. We even tell you the best time to send the emails and how quickly your team replied to prospects inquiry.

PersistIQ is a sales communication automation tool built with you in mind. We know your struggle to reach the KPI and we are here to help!

Our Knowledge Base has a lot of useful information about the features that will help you leverage everything that PersistIQ has to offer.

Let us know if we can help you get started by sending us an email or contacting us through intercom (the chat icon).

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