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Best Time to Send

This articles describes the Best Time to Send report

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One of the questions we most frequently get asked is “when is the best time to send emails?” Like most things, we don’t believe there is one magic answer for all customers. Each sales team has different ideal customer profiles, personas, and more that influence the likelihood of someone replying.  

We built the Best Time to Send report to help you find the best days and times to send emails based on your data.

How we calculate the best time to send

We define the best time to send as the days (Monday - Sunday) and hours (12 am - 12 am) that command the highest reply rates. For example, let’s say you send a campaign email on Tuesday at 8:30 am, and you receive a reply the following afternoon. The email you sent will count as a replied email in the Tuesday 8-9 am timeframe, the original send time. Every email is bucketed into a day and hour range which allows us to compute reply rates for the best days/hours to send.  

We also take into account time zones*, which is useful if you are communicating with prospects in different areas or if you have teammates located in different geographies. 

What’s in the report

Now that you know how we calculate the best time to send, we can dive into the report. There are two sections that give you visibility into when to send emails. 

The top section shows each day of the week and the best three hour period to send emails. This is useful for creating sending windows**.

The second section shows you each day and hour’s performance. The larger the circle, the better the reply rate for that day/hour. 

Hover over any circle to see more detailed information such as total emails delivered, total email replies, and % replied. 

Accessing the report

Best Time to Send is available to users on the Premium and Teams subscription. Access the report by clicking on “Reporting” in the main navigation. 

*PersistIQ automatically tries to determine a prospect’s timezone based on the presence of a phone number or geographical information (city/state/country)

**Sending windows allow you to constrain scheduling and sending of campaign emails to specific time blocks of the day. You can create sending windows here.

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