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Advanced Product Training Session
Advanced Product Training Session

This live webinar goes over more advanced PersistIQ features and use cases.

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Click here to register for the PersistIQ advanced product session. 

Each week we will cover advanced PersistIQ features and use cases in this live and interactive webinar.

  • Working with the PersistIQ chrome extension (prospect anywhere)

  • Working with Salesforce, Copper, and other CRMs

  • Using PersistIQ for Account Executives (moving opportunities through the pipeline)

  • Using PersistIQ for Account Management and Customer Success (engaging with your existing customers)

  • Sending windows

  • A/B testing

  • Custom statuses, fields, triggers, and more

  • New feature announcements

  • And more... (based on your questions)

The session is interactive and we love to answer your questions, so come prepared! 

If you're just getting started with PersistIQ, we recommend watching our PersistIQ Tutorial on Youtube!

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