PersistIQ allows you to keep track of prospects you have previously conversed with by allowing you to set follow up reminders from directly within the platform. Let's take a look at some of the ways we can set reminders to follow up with prospects within PersistIQ;

Adding Notes 

Along with tasks and emails, PersistIQ supports calling as one of the campaign steps, for your convenience, we have enabled the Voice feature allowing you to make and receive calls directly from within the PersistIQ platform.

While you are completing your calls (through Voice or outside of the platform) you can create follow up notes while you speak or after the call. These are visible in the "Notes" section in PersistIQ and will also log as an activity in Salesforce if the Salesforce sync is configured. 

Creating Custom Prospect Fields

Prospect fields serve multiple purposes on your PersistIQ account. These fields represent pieces of information about your prospects, which you can use to personalize email templates.  Along with helping you organize and sort your Prospect table, you can use custom fields to add notes and reminders.

This information is also visible from anywhere within the platform from the side menu;

Following these steps will help you keep track of prospects after your initial connection. 

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