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PersistIQ is structured around two roles; Admin and Member. Below, we can see some examples of each role and the privileges assigned to their title. 


In PersistIQ, the admin has access to the billing and management of users. They can change the status of the user from within the platform from Active to Member or add or remove any additional seats in their current plan. Along with billing and user management, they can also perform unique tasks such as send emails on behalf of  users across their team;

Admins can also delete prospects and campaigns belonging to their team members. 


Members can have permission to see campaigns and templates across their team members; 

Members can duplicate templates and campaigns to be copied into their own accounts. They can also create templates,  campaigns and add new prospects onto the platform however, have insufficient permission to delete a campaign, template, or prospect. Members are also unable to assign prospects that are owned by another user into a campaign.

If you have further questions regarding Admin or Member roles, please feel free to reach out to us directly. 

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