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How are emails logged to Salesforce?
How are emails logged to Salesforce?

Automatically log email activity to Salesforce for emails your send and receive.

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How does PersistIQ log emails to Salesforce? 

PersistIQ logs email activity to Salesforce on the backend. This means there's no extension to add, button to click, or box to check. 

Once you set up email activity logging, emails you send and/or receive will automatically log to Salesforce under the activity history for the associated lead or contact.  

If you don't want to use the automatic back-end email logging, you can use the "BCC Email" to Salesforce option. This feature provided by Salesforce logs emails that you send either from PersistIQ or directly from your email account. Note, however, that BCC Email to Salesforce does not support logging incoming email activity. Learn more about BCC Email to Salesforce on the Salesforce support page here

How to set up email activity logging to Salesforce?

  1. Configure and activate bi-directional salesforce sync in PersistIQ settings (note: Salesforce bi-directional sync is available on the PersistIQ Pro plan)

2. Check the boxes for email activity logging

3. Map Salesforce users to PersistIQ users; this will show the sender as the activity owner. 

What if I want to log emails I send directly from my email account? (not using a PersistIQ campaign)

No problem! Just make sure you're using the email address that you have connected to PersistIQ. For example, if you connect [email protected] to PersistIQ, then emails sent from that account outside of PersistIQ will also log to Salesforce. 

What if the lead/contact is in Salesforce but not in PersistIQ? 

No problem. PersistIQ can still log the email to Salesforce and associate it to the lead or contact. Just make sure the lead or contact exists in Salesforce before you send the email. 

Can PersistIQ log sent and received email activity to Salesforce? 

Yes. You can configure if you'd like both sent and received, or just one, to log to Salesforce. 

Under activity settings in Salesforce Sync, select the type of email activity to automatically log: 

What does email activity look like in Salesforce? 

Let's take a look at some of the various activities logged in Salesforce; 

When you send an email to a lead or contact in a PersistIQ campaign:

When you receive an email from a lead or contact that is in response to a PersistIQ campaign email:

When you send an email directly to a lead or contact outside of PersistIQ

When you receive an email  from a lead or contact that's not in response to PersistIQ campaign email. 

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