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Move prospects to a different step
Move prospects to a different step

How to move prospects in a campaign to a different step in the same campaign

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Quickly move prospects (or a single prospect) to a different step in the same campaign.

How it works:

  1. Go the Prospects tab in a campaign

  2. Select the prospect(s) you want to move

  3. Click on "Actions", then "Move to Step"

  4. Select the new step

The selected prospects will move to the step you selected. 

Important to Note

1. When a prospect moves to a new step they will wait the specified number of days before the step is due. If you want to contact the prospect right away simply click on "upcoming" and then select "Reschedule for now" in the final review page. 

2. Only Active or Pending prospects will move to the new step. To move a prospect that is marked as Finished you will first need to make them Active again (click on campaign state then select "Resume".) 


1. Can I move a prospect to previous step? 

Yes, but if the prospect already completed that step in the past then the prospect will automatically move to the next step. This is a safety measure to prevent prospects from receive the same email twice. 

2. Can I add a new step and then move prospects to it? 

Yes. Let's say all your prospects completed Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and they are currently at Step 5. You can introduce a new step in the past and then move the prospects to that step. Once they complete that step, they will then proceed to the next step they have not yet completed. (link to article for adding a new step)

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