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Add prospects from one campaign to another campaign.
Add prospects from one campaign to another campaign.

How to add prospects from an existing campaign to another campaign.

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It’s very easy to add prospects (or a single prospect) from one campaign to another. 

How it works:

  1. Go to the prospects tab in a campaign. 

  2. Select the prospect(s) you want to transfer or add to another campaign. 

  3. Click on “Add to campaign” and select the new campaign.

That's it! The prospects you selected will transfer to the new campaign. PersistIQ will automatically mark the prospects as "finished" in the original campaign.

 Why you'll love this feature:

  •  Preserves your data. Even after you transfer prospects to another campaign, you don’t lose the existing metrics from the previous campaign on Opens, Clicks, Replied, etc. 

  • When you transfer prospects to a new campaign, they are marked as Finished in the original campaign. You can proceed with confidence knowing they won't receive any more steps from the original campaign.

  • It gives you freedom to try different approaches in engaging prospects. For example, if Campaign B is more successful than Campaign A, you can easily add active prospects from Campaign A to Campaign B and engage them using a successful approach. 

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