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Sort Activities by Engagement
Sort Activities by Engagement

How to sort emails, calls, and tasks for prospects by their level of engagement

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With PersistIQ, it's very easy to sort prospects by their engagement level. We use the number of email opens to calculate engagement levels.

Why this feature is so useful: 

·     Regardless of how you are reaching out to your prospects (calls, emails, tasks), you may want to prioritize the activities to complete first by prospects who are most engaged.

·     Knowing who has most recently engaged with your emails will allow you to contact the prospect again to get his/her interest, while the info regarding your initial email is still fresh on the prospect's mind!  

·     Getting a list of most engaged prospects is like a sales person’s dream since now you have hot leads that have been looking at your emails repeatedly, indicating a level of interest. It’s time to engage them through another email, phone call, or any other tasks when the lead is still hot! 

Here is how it works: 

On the review page for your campaign step (call, email, or task), you can sort the activities for prospects by Due date, Recently engaged, and Most engaged: 

Due date is the default sort and orders activities by due date from oldest to newest. 

Recently engaged reorders the activities due by prospects who have most recently opened your emails.

Most engaged reorders the activities due by prospects who are most engaged with your emails, with the highest level of engagement at the top. 

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