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Setting up Bi-directional Sync with Copper CRM
Setting up Bi-directional Sync with Copper CRM

A short guide to setting up two way sync between Copper and PersistIQ.

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This articles is a guide for setting up the bi-directional sync between Copper and PersistIQ. (Click here for a general overview of the integrations between PersistIQ and Copper.)

With the PersistIQ + Copper sync integration;

  • All activities (emails, calls, tasks) in PersistIQ are updated in Copper using the Bi-directional sync.

  • Contact status updates automatically based on email responses.

  • Client information is kept in sync across both platforms.

Setting up the Copper Sync integration

  1. Access Integrations(click on your initials, then select "Integrations")

2. Under "Copper" click the "Configure" button

Connecting Copper to PersistIQ

  1. Click on the "Connect" button to authenticate to Copper.

2. Enter your Copper user email along with your API key. Click here to learn how to obtain your API Key from Copper.

Configure Sync Behavior

After successfully authenticating, configure your desired sync behavior by following the sections on the page. 

Here are some notes that might help:

  • Record Creation: Choose a full bi-directional or one-way sync to automatically create new records (leads and contacts) in one system when they are created in the other. (Note: You may also "Push" leads and contacts from Copper directly to PersistIQ without configuring record creation by using the PersistIQ chrome extension in Copper.

  • Status Sync: Create custom lead and/or contact statuses then map them for a true bi-directional sync. 

  • Field Updates:  Create custom fields in PersistIQ and map them to your Copper fields, then select either bi-directional, one-way push, or one-way pull. 

  • Activity History Creation: Automatically log emails sent (and received), calls made, and tasks completed in PersistIQ as completed activities under the lead record in Copper. 

  • Owner Sync: Map PersistIQ users to Copper users to automatically sync record ownership changes (e.g, if the owner of a contact changes in Copper, the owner automatically changes in PersistIQ)

Turn Sync On

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