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How to do a Manual Push/Send scheduled Emails
How to do a Manual Push/Send scheduled Emails

Manually send emails in campaigns even if they are part of your campaign steps

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Below is what you would normally see on your campaign screen if you have emails scheduled in steps within your campaign.

If for any reason you decide that today would be a better day to send out an email instead. Instead of modifying the campaign, what you can do instead is manually push emails.

To do that:  

  1. Choose the specific campaign   

  2. Click on the due or scheduled note 

3. You will be taken to the screen where you can see the email specifics. On that screen you can choose to reschedule all your emails by clicking the Reschedule all for now button or reschedule one email by clicking the Reschedule for now button for that email (on the right hand side) also shown below

 The rest of your campaign will still continue as normal even though you have chosen to manually a set of emails.

If you have enabled "Auto-Send" in your campaign, you'd have t disable it first so you can reschedule them. 

To disable Auto-send, please click on the Campaign settings. 

Then uncheck the Auto-send option.

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