Within your PersistIQ email template, you can create a clickable button. This is a great option to attach a hyperlink within your template with more visual appeal.

If you want to learn more about how to create hyperlinks in your templates, click here. To create the button:

Step 1: Access your Campaigns and click on "Templates" in the upper header:

Step 2: Select the template and click the "Source" button on the template:

Step 3: Insert the following HTML within the sourcecode:

<div class="button-wrapper">
<a class="button cta-button" href="#">Button Text</a>

Step 4: Update the text the button will display such as "Sign-Up Here" in the "Button Text" section of the html source code. Click "Save" once finished and exit the template:

Step 5: Go back into the template and click "Edit" again:

Step 6: In the template, highlight the button text, click on the "unlink" button and then select the "hyperlink" button:

Step 7: Insert the desired url you want the button to hyperlink to. Click "Ok" when finished":

Step 8: Once you're finished editing your template, select "Save and Close" then exit out of the template:

To learn how to create a clickable PDF, click here.

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