Within your PersistIQ email template, you can create a clickable button. This is a great option to attach a hyperlink within your template with more visual appeal.

If you want to learn more about how to create hyperlinks in your templates, click here. To create the clickable pdf:

Step 1: Access your Campaigns and click on "Templates" in the upper header:

Step 2: Select a template and select the image icon :

Step 3: If your image is hosted on Dropbox, right click on the image and select "copy image url". Add the image address in the URL line for your image, GIF, or video:

Step 4: Next, adjust the display settings of width and height:

Step 5: Click "Ok" once you've finished editing your image, GIF, or Video:

Step 6: Once the image has been uploaded, highlight the image:

Step 7: Click the hyperlink button:

Step 8: Insert the link and click "OK" that you want the leads will be directed to when they click on the PDF:

Step 9: Once your are finished creating your clickable PDF and the rest of your template, click "Save":

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