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Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide

This step by step guide will help you get started with PersistIQ.

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Welcome to PersistIQ! Get ready for simple and effective outbound sales in 3 easy steps.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Create a Campaign

A campaign is a series of steps such as emails, calls, and tasks with specific wait periods in between. Add prospects to your campaign at any point and they will start at the first step.

When a prospect responds to an email in your campaign, that prospect is automatically marked as Finished and will no longer proceed in the campaign. You can also manually change the prospect's status to Finished at any point. 

Begin by selecting 'New Campaign', and adding your first step (email, call, or custom task). 

Once saved, you have your first step! ⬇

Next, add another step - could either be a new thread or a follow-up if the chosen step is an email and decide how many days you’d like to wait before the second step is due.

Apply the same process for the rest of your campaign. Remember you can add as many steps to each campaign as you’d like!

Congrats! You’ve created your first PersistIQ campaign. 

Step 2: Add Prospects

There are a few different ways to add people to your campaign. 

Once your prospects are in PersistIQ, add them to your campaign from the prospects tab. You can filter using the criteria on the left, and select the prospects that you want to add. 

You’re ready to review and approve your emails! 

Step 3: Review and Send your Emails

The final step is to connect your email account to PersistIQ so you can send emails and receive replies right in your inbox. Our basic account setup guide will help you finish setting up your account and start sending.

Not quite ready to start communicating with your prospects? 

Keep adding templates, campaigns, and prospects to your account. You can always go back to this campaign and pick up where you left off. 

Watch a short overview of PersistIQ here.

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