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Basic Account Setup
Basic Account Setup

Learn how to set up your account to start sending emails.

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Ready to start sending emails? This checklist will help you get your account up and running in under 5 minutes.  

Step 1 : Activate yourself as a user

  • Go to Company Settings > User Management

  • Click the switch next to your name to activate

Step 2 : Connect your email account
You'll need to connect PersistIQ to your mailbox to send outbound emails.

  • Go to “My settings” and click “connect” 

  • Enter your email credentials to log in

  • You’ll be taken back to PersistIQ once we’ve successfully connected to your mailbox 

Note: If you are the first user from your organization to sign up as a user, make sure to check that your company email domain is properly configured to send emails from PersistIQ. Click here for more information about proper email setup, or contact your company’s IT team for assistance.

Step 3 : Add the PersistIQ Chrome extension
Downloading our chrome extension will make working with PersistIQ seamless from wherever you are on the web. Access the PersistIQ platform, find email addresses for prospects, access to Salesforce (limited to Salesforce users), and more.

  • Click here to add the extension to your browser 

  • Or, you can search for PersistIQ in the Chrome store to access the extension

  • How will the chrome extension help me? 

Congrats! You now have the basic setup ready to go. 

If you’re on a setup roll, jump to our next guide for more advanced setup options. Of course, you can always come back and configure these settings later.

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