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How do I add a signature?

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Now that you've got the essentials down, let's go beyond the basic requirements. This guide will introduce more detailed options of your account setup. 

Email Signature

Add your personal email signature to your outgoing emails 

  • Go to your Personal settings and scroll down to Signature

  • Configure your signature and click Save (remember you're not limited to text...customize your signature further using custom images and links)

  • Check the box to include this signature in your campaign emails

Log outgoing emails to your CRM using bcc Email 

Automatically log emails from PersistIQ to your CRM (your CRM must support bcc logging to access this feature)

  • Go to your settings and scroll to CRM email address to bcc

  • Add your CRM’s bcc email and click Save 

Salesforce User?: If you are using the bi-directional sync with Salesforce, you should not add your bcc email, as activities will be logged twice. If you have Salesforce but are NOT using the bi-directional sync, you can find your bcc email to Salesforce here

Email Tracking
Enable email tracking for your outbound emails. You can choose to track email opens and/or click rates. 

  • Go to your Mailbox settings and scroll down to Tracking

  • Check the boxes to enable each type of tracking you want for your outbound emails

Note: As indicated in the platform, we do not recommend enabling the click tracking feature for risk of emails being marked spam.

Salesforce Sync

Using PersistIQ’s bi-directional sync with Salesforce will make sharing information between the two platforms seamless.

  • Create leads/contacts

  • Update leads/contacts

  • View emails (both outgoing messages and incoming responses)

  • Log email/call/task activities completed in PersistIQ 

  • And more based on your setup!

Manage your bi-directional sync by going to the Integrations section of PersistIQ. Under Salesforce, click Configure to access your sync’s setup. Not sure where this is? We’ll show you.

For a complete guide to your Salesforce integration setup, click here.

Note: Bi-directional sync with Salesforce is available on the Premium plan. If you’d like to learn more about enabling the integration for your account,  please don't hesitate to reach out.  

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