Incorporate A/B testing by adding variants to any email step in your campaigns. Each variant represents a different email that will be sent out for that step. Create variants using one of your master templates (linked or unlinked), or by writing a new email just for that step before adding prospects to the campaign.

Prospects will be randomly spread across the variants for each step, making it easy for you to understand which approach works best over time. A/B testing will also add efficiency to your process. Now, you can experiment with different messaging without having to create an entirely new campaign.

Note: the random distribution of prospects across variants means that you may see one variant with more prospects than others at any given time. Over a large number of prospects the spread should approach an even split.  In order to randomly distribute prospects across variants, you must start with 200+ prospects. Please keep in mind that you must first set up the variants within the campaign before adding prospects to the campaign. 

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