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How do I add leads to a campaign with Zapier?
How do I add leads to a campaign with Zapier?

Explains how to setup adding leads to a campaign using Zapier

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PersistIQ lets you add leads directly into a campaign using Zapier. The possible use cases are endless with all the trigger apps available to you in Zapier. 

As an example, we will show how to use a form to create new leads and add them to a campaign, which could be useful for responding to inbound leads.

First, create a new Zap and select your form

Select the 'Create Lead' action from the PersistIQ app

Connect the form fields

Add the final 'Add Lead to Campaign' action

Get Campaign ID from desired campaign:

Fill in the Campaign ID from above and the Lead ID

That's it!  Now when new prospects submit your form they will automatically be created in PersistIQ and added to your campaign.

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