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Do Not Contact Domains

Avoid costly mistakes by preventing communication with all prospects at specific domains

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Personalized and human outbound communication is what we strive for. But sometimes we fail by accidentally reaching out to an existing customer or someone already in our pipeline. 

Do Not Contact Domains is a powerful feature in PersistIQ that helps you avoid these costly and embarrassing mistakes in your outbound communication.

This article covers:

  1. What is Do Not Contact Domains?

  2. What happens if a prospect is already in a campaign? 

  3. How to use Do Not Contact Domains?

1. What is "Do Not Contact Domains"?

This feature allows you to block all email communication from all users in PersistIQ to a specified domain. For example, when becomes a customer we add the domain to our Do Not Contact (DNC) list, which prevents anyone on our team from accidentally reaching out to anyone at

Here it is in action; our DNC safety check caught 3 prospects we tried to add to a campaign.

2. What happens if a prospect is already in a campaign? 

The DNC safety check will prevent the prospect from receiving an email even if they are already in a campaign. 

Let's say a prospect is half way through your campaign and scheduled to receive the third email tomorrow. However, you add the domain to the DNC list today. When you try to send the email to that prospect you will see feedback that the email was skipped. 

3. How to use the Do Not Contact Domains feature

You can add domains to your DNC list in a few ways...

  1. PersistIQ application (Company Settings > Do Not Contact) or click here

From the PersistIQ UI...

1. Add Individual Domains 

2. Quickly Delete Individual Domains

3. Add Domains in Bulk

4. Search Your DNC List

5. Download Your DNC List

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