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Salesforce: Push to PersistIQ
Salesforce: Push to PersistIQ

Push Leads and Contacts from Salesforce to PersistIQ

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Easily to push Leads or Contacts directly from Salesforce to PersistIQ without exporting and importing files, or leaving the Salesforce page you are on.

You will need the PersistIQ chrome extension to use Push. Click here to add the PersistIQ chrome extension to your browser if you do not already have it.

The Push to PersistIQ feature works on the following in Salesforce;

  • Report (leads or contacts)

  • Account Record (automatically pulls contacts associated to the account)

  • Contact Record 

  • Contact List View

  • Lead Record

  • Lead List View

And yes, it also works with Lightning!

Push to PersistIQ from a Salesforce Report

Let's say you have a report that contains prospects you want to add to your PersistIQ campaign. Add them to PersistIQ and into a specific campaign without leaving Salesforce:

  1. Go to the report

  2. Open the PersistIQ chrome extension

  3. Click on the Push to PersistIQ icon (cloud w/ arrow)

  4. Click "Start"

That's it!

You can do the same thing from any of the other pages in Salesforce listed above. 

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