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The PersistIQ + Zapier Integration
The PersistIQ + Zapier Integration

Learn about the PersistIQ + Zapier integration, use cases, and pre-built integration templates.

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Easily connect hundreds of applications to PersistIQ without the need to write code or manage APIs using Zapier. Learn about the integration and access pre-built integration templates at

At PersistIQ, we use Zapier to streamline several of our workflows and we encounter customers who are using PersistIQ + Zapier in unique and interesting ways to create a more powerful sales and marketing stack.

Use Cases

Outbound Sales

  • Stop all sales prospecting communication from your sales team to a specific company when the opportunity in your CRM is at a certain stage (e.g, stage = negotiating or closed won). 

  • Automatically import prospects into PersistIQ when they are added to your CRM. 

  • Easily import prospects into PersistIQ from Google Sheets 

  • Automatically add contacts into PersistIQ campaigns directly from your CRM based on criteria you define. 

  • Go from lead generation to communication quickly by connecting tools like Email Hunter to PersistIQ 

Inbound Leads

  • Quickly respond to inbound leads with personalized emails and automated follow ups until you receive a reply by connecting your inbound marketing landing pages to PersistIQ. 

  • Connect custom forms, such as Typeform, to PersistIQ so responses are automatically imported into PersistIQ and added to specific campaigns. 

  • Capture business cards at an event and automatically import them into PersistIQ to send personalized “nice to meet you” emails with follow ups. 

Customer Success

  • Follow up with personalized messages to customers who submit Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys by connecting your NPS provider to PersistIQ. 

  • Add customers who are up for renewal to specific PersistIQ communication campaigns. 

  • Send personalized messages to customers before and after events you host by connecting your event hosting pages to PersistIQ.

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