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Chrome Extension: Add contacts from Salesforce to PersistIQ
Chrome Extension: Add contacts from Salesforce to PersistIQ

Easily add contacts and leads from Salesforce to PersistIQ using the chrome extension.

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The power of PersistIQ is not limited to the platform, with the chrome extension, you can leverage your campaign tools all over the web. Want to upload multiple contacts directly from your Salesforce platform? Easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Salesforce contacts (or leads)

  2. Select the contacts you want to upload

  3. Open the PersistIQ Chrome extension

  4. Click on the upload icon and press start

  5. Select the campaign you want to add them to

Push to PersistIQ works the following in Salesforce:

  • report

  • account (you can select which contacts push)

  • contact record

  • contact list view

  • lead record

  • lead list view

You are done, your contacts are now a part of your campaign and will receive a series of emails to convert them from leads to interested prospects.

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