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How can I send emails on behalf of others in my team?
How can I send emails on behalf of others in my team?

Send emails behalf of others in team

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Sometimes you might want to send out emails on behalf of your colleagues. To do so, follow the steps below (keep in mind that you have to have admin privileges to complete these steps):

  • Click on the “Prospects Tab

  • Select the right filters on the left to narrow down your prospect list

  • Select the individual prospect you would like to contact or, select all

  • Click “Add to Campaign

  • Under the “Campaign” title, click on the desired name to select the campaigns in which you want the emails sent from. 

  • Select the right person and campaign

  • Change the “From” field to the person you would like the e-mails to be sent from by clicking on the current e-mail address and selecting a different e-mail from the drop down menu that appears.

  • Finally, click “Add Prospects”

You are done :) Prospects that you have just selected will receive e-mails from your colleague’s email address rather than yours. 

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