Tags are an effective way to organize prospects into groups, making it easy to search and filter by them for various purposes.

You can use tags for the prospect type, title, persona, sales initiative or any other grouping you can think of.

To create a tag in PersistIQ, follow these steps

  1. Select the prospects you wish to tag;

2. Select "Add Tags"

3. Insert the tag title and select "Create Tag"

Your Tag is now created and ready to use;

Using Tags with your team

Tags are shared by default across your team to drive consistency and easier organization.

Search for Tags

Easily search/filter for prospects by tags under prospects view;

Suggestions for using Tags

  • Persona: C-level, VP, Director, Manager, User

You can use tags to populate the title of your prospects. When reaching out to organizations with various titles, you can use tags to keep track of your prospect's by tagging their persona. 

  • Initiative: 

A great way to keep track of your in person meet and greets. Use tags to apply information about prospects met at important events such as conferences or any other initiatives. 

  • Teams:

Create and organize outreach teams for your users. When mass uploading prospects, group and organize teams to distribute efforts. 

Delete or edit a Tag

If a tag has minimal use or is no longer necessary you may delete the tag. Furthermore, you can edit the tag title. To delete or edit tags:

  1. Go to "Settings and Billing"
  2. Select "Company Settings" then "Tags"
  3. Select Delete or Edit . When deleting tags, you will receive a notification to verify that you would like to delete the tag. Click Delete.

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