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Issues With Connecting To Microsoft Outlook Mailbox
Issues With Connecting To Microsoft Outlook Mailbox
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Typically, when customers are having a hard time connecting to their mailbox, they can ask their IT department regarding the exchange username and server. You could also try the following:

Microsoft Exchange Login

You should usually be able to log in via Exchange using your email address and password. If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account, you'll need to generate an app password. Using Microsoft's instructions can show you how. If you see an error message, you should try one of the following things;

  1. Specifying a Username

If your email address (eg. [email protected]) is not the same as the username you use to log on to Windows, try entering your Windows username in the ‘Exchange Username’ box. It may look like an email address [email protected] or be in a DOMAIN\username format, eg.PERSISTIQ\josh:

If this box is left empty, your email address will be used.

Specifying an Exchange Server

Sometimes you will need to enter the server details manually.

If you have access to the Outlook Web App for your email, the server name you see when logged in is the correct one. For example, this Office365 user see when logged in:

If you're in doubt, ask your Exchange server administrator about the exact domain name of your company server.

Connection Issues

If you are sure the details are correct however, login is still failing, this may be due to connection issues. Please make sure you have not entered a server name that requires VPN access.

Extra Help

Sometimes, the username and server details are all correct, but syncing an account still fails. Although these cases are rare, we recommend you contact support with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing in order to further assist you resolve the issue.


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