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Chrome Extension Features Overview
Chrome Extension Features Overview

Push leads to PersistIQ via Chrome extension, generate emails, use templates directly from your Gmail account

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The PersistIQ Chrome extension allows you to:

  • Generate emails

  • Seamlessly push leads and prospects from Salesforce or Copper

  • Add prospects to Salesforce or PersistIQ from anywhere on the web

  • Use templates directly from your Gmail account

To download the Chrome Extension, follow these steps:

  • Click on your initials and click on Integrations

  • Click on the"Get The Chrome Extension" icon

Chrome Extension's Functionality:

The first feature that is visible is the Email Generator. This feature will help you discover the individual's e-mail address directly from any website or social network. On pages with many businesses listed, you can also search the individual's name along with their company name.

You can add a new lead to PersistIQ or SFDC directly from the page of access..After the lead is added to PersistIQ, you can simply add them to a campaign directly from the Chrome Extension As visible below;

 The Chrome Extension also offers a "live feed" in which you can track emails down to the time and frequency they were opened.

You can also have access to all of the PersistIQ templates directly from your Gmail account.

 ( To see how to push leads and prospects from SFDC to PersistIQ seamlessly, please take a look at the following article

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