You can track opens for emails you send to users that are not in your Prospects list or in any PersistIQ campaigns. 

Here's how:

You can also find a link to the extension in the Integrations section of PersistIQ.

2. Enable "One to One" communication 

After adding the Chrome Extension, make sure that the "One to One Communication" option is checked.

  1. Right click on the P logo

  2. Select Options

  3. Check the box indicating "One to One Communication"

3. Turn on open tracking and notifications

You should now see the PersistIQ gmail plugin located in the email compose window in Gmail.

Real-Time Open Notifications

When you send an email and the recipient opens it you will see a real-time notification. 

Live Activity Feed

The chrome extension also gives you a live activity feed that includes emails you send from Gmail and emails sent from PersistIQ. 

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