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Bulk change prospect status
Bulk change prospect status

How to change the status for multiple prospects at once

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Easily update the status for multiple prospects at once using the bulk action in the prospects table. 

PersistIQ also shows the status change in each prospect’s activity history. 

Here’s one example of how bulk status change can improve your workflow in targeted account prospecting.

Let’s say you are reaching out to multiple people at the same account and each prospect is in a different PersistIQ campaign. One person replies. PersistIQ reply detection automatically marks that prospect as finished in the campaign and updates the prospect status for you to engaged (or the custom status you connected to the reply trigger). 

Now, let’s say you want to stop the other prospects at the same account from receiving future touch points. 

1. Use the filters in the prospects table to list all prospects at the account.

2. Select the prospects you want. 

3. Change the status. 

That’s it! 

(note: please make sure you have set the trigger to change the campaign state to “finished” for the right status. Triggers are located under company settings).

Here it is in action

This is just one example of how bulk status change can help. We’d love to hear from you on how this feature impacts how you work.

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