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How do I group and organize my prospects?
How do I group and organize my prospects?

Use tags, imports, and custom fields to stay organized.

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There are several ways to group and organize your prospects in PersistIQ. Let's take a look at various ways to do so; 


Creating tags is a great way to group prospects. You can easily create and tag prospects under common titles which allow you to bundle and locate prospects with ease.

File Imports

File imports are a great way to group and organize your prospects. Find out how to import files in PersistIQ here. After your import is visible in PersistIQ, you can then add the list to any campaign.

Prospect Fields

Prospect Fields serve multiple purposes including filtering fields to help you sort and organize your prospects table. PersistIQ provides some prospect fields for you to use, but you can also create your own fields customized to your process. For example, you can create and use a Persona field to help organize prospects by persona type. 

Learn how to create custom prospect fields here.

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