What the Segment integration does
Easily sync prospect and customer unsubscribe or opt-out requests from your data sources in Segment (e.g, CRM, Marketing Automation, Databases, etc...) to PersistIQ.

Once a prospect is marked as unsubscribed/opted-out they will no longer receive any scheduled touch points. Safety checks will activate and prevent you or anyone on your team from adding the unsubscribed/opted-out prospect to any future sales campaigns. 

How to set it up

  1. Login to your Segment account or sign-up to a new one

  2. Enable PersistIQ as a destination

How it works

To unsubscribe a user, simply pass in the email address and unsubscribed (with a value of true) in an identify call. Be sure the email matches the value in PersistIQ.

Here is an example of how to unsubscribe a user:

analytics.identify('userId123', {
    email: '[email protected]',
    unsubscribed: true
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