Have you encountered this error message when checking in your campaigns or when connecting the mailbox on the mailbox settings?

The reason for this error is that your email provider may sometimes throttle our access to new accounts to a longer interval than what our system expects. For example, it will throttle our access to once every 20 minutes when our systems expect to sync up every 10 minutes. This causes our system to believe there is an error.

However, 98% of the time this error solves itself as we simply will sync up when allowed (20 minutes in this scenario). Shortly afterward, your email provider may stop the throttling and everything goes back to normal.

Another step we could try is to disconnect the mailbox and reconnect the mailbox again.

  1. Click on the 'Jump to' icon on the lower left of the dashboard.

2. Choose 'Mailbox Settings' or type it in.

3. Click the "Mailbox" tab and disconnect/reconnect the email.

If in any case that a few hours or days have passed and the error message is still not appearing, please contact us via the website chat. :)

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