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How do I add custom prospect fields?
How do I add custom prospect fields?

Add your own custom prospect fields/variables

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Prospect fields serve multiple purposes on your PersistIQ account. These fields represent pieces of information about your prospects, which you can use to personalize email templates(use as variables). You can also filter by these fields to help you sort and organize your prospects table. 

PersistIQ provides some prospect fields for you to use, but you can also create your own fields customized to your process. Here's how. 

Watch this video:

Option 1: Adding fields in 'Company Settings' 

Step 1: Access Settings and Billings

Click on Company Setting;

Step 2: Choose 'Prospect Fields' from the panel on the left-hand side to see your current list of variables

Step 3: Click + New Field to enter the name of your custom variable, then click Save

Option 2: Create new fields from your prospects table 

Step 1: Click the 'Prospects' tab to go to your prospects table

Step 2: Scroll all the way to the right and click the '+' sign to add a new variable. After naming your custom field, click Save.

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