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I received a reply from a lead, why is the email reply not detected in PersistIQ?
I received a reply from a lead, why is the email reply not detected in PersistIQ?
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We take email reply detection very seriously at PersistIQ as it's a core part of the sales communication workflow. When you receive a reply from a lead in a campaign, the lead should be marked as "finished" and should not receive any more touchpoints.

If you receive an email reply and the lead is not marked as "finished" in the campaign, please check the following steps.

1. Did you send an email to yourself or someone in your own domain?

Reply detection is not turned ON for emails in your own domain. For example, if your email account is [email protected] and you send an email to your co-worker [email protected] and john then replies, the system will not detect that reply. This is intentional to avoid follow-ups from other colleague's mailboxes to stop your campaign. This happens often when you need to continue a campaign under a different mailbox (a colleague's) due to issues with your mailbox. If you wish to test the reply detection, please send an email to any domain other than your own, like your personal email.

2. Did you wait 10 minutes? 

The reply detection sync mechanism may take up to 10 minutes to show the reply in the PersistIQ user interface.

Note: the PersistIQ system has multiple layers of sync detection running in the rare case you attempt to send a follow-up touchpoint within 10 minutes of receiving a reply.

3. Are you using email forwarding? 

If so, please check the mailbox where the email was sent from to see if you can see the reply. If you cannot see the reply then PersistIQ cannot see the reply either. View the Email Setup Best Practices guide for more information on email forwarding.

4. Contact us

If you received a reply from someone not in your email domain and you have waited more than 10 minutes and you are not forwarding emails, then please contact us at [email protected].

Information that will help us investigate:

  • Email address of the reply

  • Context of the situation (e.g, I sent an email to [email protected] on Thursday at 10am from [Campaign Name] and received a reply from [email protected] on Friday at 11:37am.)

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