How do I Send Emails that are Due
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At PersistIQ, you have an optional review step before you send out your emails. If the email is due, meaning the sending window time has come, and you haven't reviewed your emails, they will not go out. You will see something like this on the landing page:

Step 1: On the Campaign page on the summary tab, Click the "REVIEW EMAILS" button:

Step 2: In your touchpoint on the left hand side of the page, click "Errors":

Step 3: If you are missing any custom variable information, it will show an error and you will have to update the erroneous email prior to sending. Click on the "Fix Errors" button to do this:

Step 4: You can now update any variables that aren't filled out and then click "Save & Close" once finished updating the email:

Step 5: Once you've finished editing the errors, you also have the option to "Customize":

Step 6: Once you'd added or deleted information in the email, you can then click "Save & Close":

Step 7: Once you've finished updating all of the errors or customizing your emails they will be moved to "Upcoming" or "Due". Once in this section, you have the option of either "Send All" or "Send" for the emails. "Send all" will send all of the emails during the sending window. This action cannot be reversed. "Send" will send the individual email that you specified:

Note: If you don't have any errors, you can go from Step 2 to Step 6 for additional customization or simply to Step 7 to send off the emails by choosing the "Send All" or "Send" options for the emails.

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