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Setting up a Sending Window

How to setup up a Sending Window

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Sending windows allow you to send your emails within a specific timeframe so you won't have to worry about emails going out during midnight or after business hours, if that's what you wish to achieve. 

Note: PersistIQ sends 1 email/15 seconds, so you may want to adjust your sending windows depending on how many prospects you'd like to reach out to on a given day. 

How to set-up a Sending Window

Step 1: Click on your initials located on the left-hand side of your portal and select "Settings and Billing"

Step 2: From the panel on the left, choose "Company settings then "Sending Windows". Click on "New Sending Window".

Step 3: Give your new sending window a name so you can identify it later.

Step 4: Delete the default times inserted in daily section by clicking "x". Then, click on the + sign to add your own time slot. 

Step 5: Adjust the new time blocks per day that you want the emails be sent out in. Once finished, click "Save". If you don't want emails to send on a specific day, do not add a time slot to that day. 

Step 6: Once finished specifying the respective days and times you'd like emails to send, click "Create Sending Window". Your customized window is now available for you to apply to your campaign using campaign settings.

All set! Now, this campaign's emails will only send within this sending window. 

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