You may want to add prospects to a campaign, but have them receive the first touchpoint at some point in the future. The use cases for this are many, including reaching out to prospects who asked you to follow up in a few months. 

To schedule start an individual prospect or group of prospects, go through the normal process of selecting the prospect(s) and click on "ADD TO CAMPAIGN", either from the PersistIQ prospects table or the PersistIQ chrome extension. 

The click on "Today" next to "Start date", and you can select the exact date and time that the selected prospect(s) will enter step 1 of your campaign. 

On the selected date, the prospect(s) will enter step 1 of your campaign. 

If your campaign is on semi-auto, which is the default, then you will see the "Review Emails" button to conduct a final review of all your messages and click send to start sending the emails. 

If your campaign is on "auto-send", the emails will automatically start to send once the prospects enter the step. 

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