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What is the Daily Prospect Start and how is it different than the Daily Sending Limit?
What is the Daily Prospect Start and how is it different than the Daily Sending Limit?

Learn how to control the number of prospects you communicate with and when using different techniques.

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Daily Prospect Start

Let's say you have 1,000 prospects to contact, but you only want to reach out to 100 new prospects each day. Normally, you would manually add 100 prospects to your campaign each day but this is inefficient. 

Daily Prospect Start automates this for you. Here's how:

  1. Set the Daily Prospect Start to 100 

  2. Add all 1,000 prospects to your campaign

  3. PersistIQ automatically starts 100 new prospects at Step 1 of your campaign each day until none are left

(Campaign > Settings > Daily Prospect Start)

Important:  Even though the Daily Prospect Start is 100 per day, the number emails sent from this campaign will not be 100 per day. The emails sent count will increase as new prospects enter the campaign and existing prospects move through the campaign to receive follow up emails.

[assume no replies or bounces and 2 day wait period between each step]
Day 1: 100 emails sent
(100 new prospects, 0 existing prospects, 900 pending)

Day 3: 200 emails sent
(100 new prospects, 100 existing prospects, 800 pending)

Day 5: 300 emails sent
(100 new prospects, 200 existing prospects, 700 pending)

Day 7: 400 emails sent
(100 new prospects, 300 existing prospects, 600 pending)


Daily Sending Limit

Control the total number of emails sent from your mailbox each day. This limit is at the mailbox level and resets each day.

Let's say you set a Daily Sending Limit of 300 emails but have 500 emails scheduled for the day. Only 300 will send and the remaining 200 will wait and automatically send the next day (or when your account allows sending). 

Note: you can control the days and times that your emails send by using Sending Windows in your campaigns.

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