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How do I update prospect data?
How do I update prospect data?

How can I update prospect data

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PersistIQ lets you easily update prospect data for individual records or a group of records.

Update an Individual Prospect

To update the data for an individual prospect, simply go to the Prospect tab and click into any cell for the prospect. You can also access the individual prospect page by clicking on the email address.

Bulk Update Prospects

To update prospect data in bulk, use a file import. 

  1.  Access“PROSPECTS” On the left hand menu

  2.  Click on “ADD PROSPECTS”

  3.  Either “Copy & Paste” or “Upload File” with the new prospect data (note: the only required field to match data is the prospect email address)

  4. During the import process, click on  “Advanced Settings” 

  5.  Select “Update” under the Duplicate Prospects section

  6.  Click “Import”

The system will automatically update the information for all of the existing prospects that you have uploaded.

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