PersistIQ strives to make your workflow flawless and saves you time by contacting prospects on your behalf. However, there are two ways to set up campaigns in PersistIQ:

  • Auto Send
  • Manual 

If you choose Auto Send emails will be sent at a specific time (depending on the Sending Window), and you will not have to do anything apart from adding more prospects to the campaign. This can be useful when you have multiple email steps in your campaign (you don't have to sign-in always to send follow-up emails ), or if any of the steps are scheduled to start sending early in the morning (you don't have to wake up 7 or 8 AM if you intend to send emails at these times). To choose these settings, do the following:

  1. Choose a campaign
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Scroll down
  4. Chose Auto Send
  5. Save

NOTE: There is a 15-minute delay before emails are sent in step 1. This is intended so the users can make necessary /changes before an Auto-send campaign starts.

The default setting is Manual. This is highly recommended when you're running a campaign and you want to make sure that your emails look great before sending out. When the e-mails are due to be sent out, you will see a  "Review Email" button.  Click on that button, review the content and click "Send all now"

PersistIQ always ensures safety checks and keeps them on by default. If the data is missing in the template, it will not get sent regardless of the settings. Click on "Fix Errors" then "Save and Close" and you are done :)

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