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How do I pause a campaign?
How do I pause a campaign?

What happens when I pause a campaign

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Sometimes you may feel that it is best to pause the campaign for some time. You can always come back and resume it. However, what happens to the prospects that are scheduled be to sent at a particular time?  

 "Pausing/UnPausing"  a campaign and does not affect when activity is scheduled.

This means that the scheduled time for the emails to be sent out will not auto change when you unpause the campaign, you will have to do that manually; but as long as the campaign is paused no emails will be sent.

Here is how to pause the campaign:

Step-by-step directions:

1. Access the campaign which you wish to pause
2. On the right, you will see a switch called "Active"
3. Click on the switch for it to change to "Paused"
4. Verify that it will say "Paused" next to the switch

You are done, the campaign is paused :) 

Want to pause contacting individual prospects rather than the entire campaign? Take a look how to do that by clicking here.

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