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Enable/disable the unsubscribe or opt-out link in your emails
Enable/disable the unsubscribe or opt-out link in your emails

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PersistIQ gives you the option to add an "Opt out statement", optionally included at the bottom of your emails. This link will give your leads the option to unsubscribe from your emails. We highly recommend enabling the opt-out link to make it easier for your prospects to opt-out from your emails especially when you're sending cold emails. It's better if they opt-out than mark your email as spam. The opt-out link also increases your deliverability score. Check out our email deliverability best practices here

To make sure that this feature is enabled, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on your initials located on the left corner of the screen, select " Settings and Billing":

Step 2: Click on "Mailbox" located on the left hand of your portal and scroll down to the "Opt out Statement" heading:

Step 3: Check the "Include opt-out statement in emails" box:

Step 4: Click "Save" once finished:

Persistiq can be used in a different ways. When you're mainly reaching out to warm contacts or customers who will more likely not mark your emails as spam, then you may turn off the opt-out link in that case. 

To learn how to customize your opt-out statement, click here.

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