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Why aren't my emails sending?
Why aren't my emails sending?

Learn why emails may be stuck in processing or not sending

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PersistIQ is the machine that powers your outbound emails. If at any point you're wondering why your emails have not been sent, the following situations could explain what's happening in your account. 

Hint: You can quickly learn the status of your sent emails by clicking the envelope icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, also known as Outbox.

Reasons for Emails Not Sending 

#1 : You are not an active user

If you have not activated yourself as a user in your PersistIQ account, you won't be able to send emails. Click here to learn about activating users on your account. 

#2 : Your email is not connected 

PersistIQ uses your email mailbox to send outbound emails. If you have not connected your email to your PersistIQ account, emails cannot send. Access 'Mailbox Settings' to connect your email, or learn more about basic account setup here

#3 : Waiting for sending window

Applying sending windows to your campaigns allows you to designate specific days/times that you'd like emails to send. 

Emails approved outside of your campaign's sending window will remain in a processing state until the window opens. Check the details of your sending windows in your campaign settings to make sure you're within the designated sending time. 

#4 :  Reached 24-hour sending limit

PersistIQ allows you to set a cap to the amount of emails that are sent from your account on a daily basis, and emails could remain processing if you've hit this limit for a certain day. 

You can adjust the sending limits under the 'Mailbox Settings'

#5 :  Your campaign is paused

If your campaign is paused then no emails will send.

#6 :  Your email provider is blocking or limiting your emails 

Your email provider (Google, Exchange, Office 365) can control or limit the amount of emails sent at any given time. Reasons for your email provider limiting your ability to send can vary greatly. Unfortunately, PersistIQ does not have control over your email provider. 

Learn more about sending limits here.

If you've checked your account and none of these reasons apply, contact our support team and we'll help in every way we can! 

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