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Sales Campaigns                                                       

• Multi-touch sales campaigns                                          
• Email, Phone, Task steps
• Reply to the previous thread
Intelligent response detection
Rolling campaigns (add prospects at any time)
• Master and step email templates
Sending windows
A/B testing
Send emails on behalf of others
Daily prospect start
Schedule start prospects in the future
Campaign Triggers

1 on 1 Email

Individual email open tracking
Email templates in Gmail
• Automatically log emails to CRM (sent and received)

Voice | Sales Dialer

VOIP or Bridge


Live activity feed
Individual email open alerts
• Individual campaign reporting
• Email template summary reporting
• Prospect activity history
• Sales campaign summary reporting
Team overview reporting
Best Time to Send


Duplicate detection
Easy data import (copy & paste)
• Spreadsheet-like interface
Assignable prospect ownership
Folders for templates and campaigns
Automatic time-zone detection
Custom Prospect fields
Custom Prospect statuses
• Custom call dispositions
Automated triggers

Safety Checks

Smart safety checks
Do Not Contact Domains
• Prospect owner safety
• Custom safety check based on status

Team collaboration and management

Shared email templates
Shared campaigns
Roles / Permissions


BCC Email to CRM
• PersistIQ API
Copper (ProsperWorks CRM) sync
Salesforce sync
• Personas Sync

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